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Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association

31 Titus Mill Road

The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association is central New Jersey’s first environmental group. Since 1949 we’ve worked to protect your water and environment through conservation, advocacy, science and education. We speak out for your water and environment, protect and restore sensitive habitats, test our waterways for pollution and inspire others to care for and protect the natural world. Our goal is to improve the health and quality of central New Jersey’s water and sustain a network of protected habitats for wildlife and people. We have a successful track record of more than 60 years of effective environmental protection.

As a non-profit organization we depend on the support of members and volunteers to make a difference. Learn how you can help us protect central New Jersey’s water and environment.


Pass It On.
The concept is simple. We want to pass on to our children a world whose natural resources are abundant, where waterways are clean and protected and environmental stewardship is a given way of life. This vision is embodied in our Pass It On campaign. The Watershed Association is poised for a dramatic step forward in our long-standing effort to protect our 265-square-mile region of central New Jersey. Be a part of the Watershed Association’s influence on the future.

A Model for Environmental Responsibility
Building on more than six decades of proven environmental stewardship, the Watershed Association is working to transform the heart of our Watershed Reserve into a bold and inspiring model for how we can all live more environmentally responsible lives. Our goal is to heighten our impact by mobilizing the community through education, advocacy and effective citizen action. Help us Pass It On.

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